July 21, 2021

Tony, Pam and kerry,

We enjoyed Wildefire’s performance at the Elks Club in Englewood last Saturday. We had such great time dancing and listening to your music and want to see more. You have a show that is rare in the Denver area. We need more talent like you guys. You all seemed to enjoy doing what you do so well. Keep up the entertaining!

Please let us know where you will be performing next and we will definitely be there!

Again thank you for a very entertaining and enjoyable evening. Looking forward to the next time soon!

Ted Switzer
June 13, 2021


We cannot thank you enough for you and Pamela participating in Chris’ Memorial Service. You were absolutely incredible. We had hoped that you were coming to the house for the reception so we could thank you properly. Everyone loved you as always! We really missed that you did not come over, wish you had. Can you send me Pamela’s email so I can thank her as well. What can we do to thank the both of you? We would also like to have you to dinner sometime this summer so we can properly catch up. It’s been a long time.

With love,
Cindi and Keith

Cindi and Keith
June 12, 2021


Thanks to you and Pam for a lovely and magical evening. We are in your debt. We look forward to next time.


May 19, 2021

Dear Tony,

You are our hero – thank you for all you do for the families of our fallen heroes! And Linda Cavanagh and Kevin Kreymborg are absolutely extraordinary, I’m so grateful to them for creating these amazing opportunities for TAPS!

Looking forward to seeing you next week and to making TAPS in Cape Coral bigger than Colorado!

With tremendous gratitude and much love,

Bonnie Carroll
May 03, 2021


We are SO excited you will be with us at the National Seminar this year! Thank you for bringing WildeFire to Washington once again!
The evening in Colorado was the BEST ever, so much healing took place thanks to your music and the joy you brought to the kids on stage, your guest guitarist, and the survivors you had step in to sing, including one very special little boy whose life you changed forever!
So grateful to you for ALL you do for us – we love you so much! Thank you again for being our angel!

Bonnie Carroll
May 03, 2021

Oh WOW that is amazing!!!

Tony, you are truly an angel in our lives, and these acts of selflessness and hope are so far beyond just words – they are actions that impact lives forever. The amount of effort it took to make the guitar and deliver it, and the violin, and then continue the relationship, are so far beyond what the majority of people would ever do for strangers. You recognize what this little family has lost, and you understand military service to this country, and you continue to step up and honor military lives lived in an incredibly meaningful way. I have no doubt Collin’s dad is looking down on you and more grateful to you than you will ever imagine.

Please take pictures and give that precious family all our love!

Love you,

March 19, 2021

> Tony-your amazing gesture to sing that beautiful song ‘To Where You Are’ last evening was probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me to show they care. Lots of emotion tied to those lyrics connecting us all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for honoring Andrea. That will be a memory to forever hold in my heart During this pandemic, we really couldn’t get together so we scattered her ashes on Peak 8 in Breckenridge last summer where she first learned to ski and climb as a little girl. The Bike Racing Association wants to do a Memorial Bike Race but they, like all of us never dreamt it would be a year later and still no end in sight. So last evening meant more than you will ever know for our family.
> On a lighter note-enjoy your birthday and celebrating. You are doing great things for so many! You show up every single moment like you were meant to be there!
> Love, Kathy

March 02, 2021

Tony you made me feel so welcomed Sunday thank you so much. I just had a great time and I want to come hear you guys more I want to apologize for having my mask on all afternoon. I am not a part pooper
Tony besides being talented and damn good looking, you are loyal and a good friend with high standards on how you treat people and friends. I admire that quality in you as well as your honesty and dedication to causes you believe in I am so glad we are friends And the dedication you guys have shown all of us by playing now 50 weeks and counting. You guys are great people and I am proud to be in your circle of friends Tony again thank you for making me feel so welcome I love you Elaine WSA See you again soon

February 21, 2021

Rose Long first started to enjoy the music and dancing to the music of Tony David and Wildfire when he was playing at the Aurora Summit, to many years ago to remember.
Rose rediscovered Wildfire when they were playing at Al Vino’s Bistro, and on that same night she met her husband to be Jerry Rains. Rose and Jerry have been together every since that night and dancing to the music of Tony’s Wildfire band whenever Tony’s band is performing.
We’ve never heard a band that we enjoy dancing to nearly as much.

Rose and Jerry
June 17, 2019

I want to thank you and the entire WildFire team for yet again another amazing experience! Not only were you such an kind host on Friday, but you all sounded amazing!!!

I look forward to continue working with you, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns or need anything!

Kindest regards,

July 1, 2016 – “Subject: Blossoms Hey – I just wanted to THANK you and Kerry for last Friday at Blossoms! Everyon loved it and had a great time. You guys were awesome Smiling face with smiling eyes Thanks again.
Carlos and Lisa Chavez
March 14, 2016 – “Subject: Thank you so much for this weekend with TAPS Kids and Family members as well as the Staff from Taps — Lindsay, Abby, Tony and Kerry, I think I canspeak for all of us at TAPS, you all brought so much joy and happiness to the evening. We host between 8 – 10 regional events and two national events every year, and I can share that this was, by far, the best Saturday evening we have had in a very long time. The joy and laughter, after a full day of some heavy (but needed) grierf work, was palpable and very welcome!! Thyank you for helping this happen. We look forward to any future opportunities where we can, once again, share the joy.
Jenn McCollum
March 21, 2016 – “TONY! You went and DID IT!!! My mother just LOVED you both so much—you particular! That’s all she’s talked about all weekend was how special you made her feel singing directly to her and tossing your pink handkerchief. She has gone and told all her friends what a GREAT time she had. She thinks you are the best thing since “sliced bread” my dear. My other friends & I had such a great time too! I want to tell you that I “literally” sang to every song you did and enjoyed myself tremendously! Thanks for doing just about every request. I want to personally THANK YOU Sir, for making our night such a grand evening! You now have a new set of groupies that will be growing in numbers once the word gets out. See ya on April 8th with some new faces…. 🙂
December 7, 2015 – “Tony, The looking Glass Corvette Association wishes to thank you and Pam for contributing to the success of the Corvette Clubs 2015 Annual Christmas Party. The committee has heard nothing but glowing responses from those who attended it. We cannot thank each of you enough for all your professional performance in making the party such a resounding success. Our original goal was to have a simple, but elegant affair and with your performance we achieved that. Last night was another truly memorable event. Thank you again for your assistance in making this year a year for the club members to remember.
Looking Glass Corvette Association Social Committee
November 25, 2015 – “Happy Thanksgiving, Ton & Pam! I am so very grateful for all your years of keeping our group together & entertaining us w/ such GREAT music for some GREAT evenings of dancing! Love you both.
Barb Boyce
December 10, 2014 – “Tony, We wanted to let you know how happy we were with your band Wildefire. We thought you would be good based on Kathy’s recommendation, but you totally blew our expectations away. Your song selection, instrumentals, and vocals were outstanding. You kept the dance floor full all night. We have received tons of feedback from our guests complimenting the band’s energy and musicianship. We had several people tell us how talented and awesome you and Pam are and how much they enjoyed the band. The Christmas party definitely wouldn’t have been the same without you and Pam being there. We really appreciate all the hard work and energy you and Pam put into making the night so wonderful. Thanks again for everything. You really made the event a party. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a great band!”
Looking Glass Corvette Association, Social Committee
“Thank you to those that were able to join us for our New Year/s Even Party! What a blast! A big thank you to Tony David and Pam Hughes for their amazing entertainment! . . .” HEB has scheduled WildeFire for the first Saturday in Aug, 2015.
Jean & Lee at Heritage Eagle Bend and published in their weekly newsletter
Hi Tony, We just wanted to thank you and the rest of Wildefire for doing such a wonderful job at Ryan and Tyra’s wedding. You helped to make it a very special night. All of our guests commented on how great they thought you all were and how nice it was to have live music. You had everyone out on the dance floor, young and old alike, so thank you all again. We hope to be able to come see you all again soon.(8-12-14)
Judy Ware
Had a great time Tony and your new addition is really something else (if you like girls). Your duet on Phantom was fabulous. Can’t believe it was your first time. I have to tell you that Joan equates your voice with …… are you ready….. Elvis. Thought you would like to know.

We will become more regulars as time goes on.” (10-10-14)

Paul Beninati
“Hi Tony, Just wanted to let you know that WildeFire was a HUGE hit at the wedding. Everyone was raving about you and thought your mix of music was fabulous. Some people said they would have left hours earlier except that they wanted to listen to the music. Lindsey and Mitch were thrilled. You guys rock! Please pass it on to Pam and Kerry. Hope to see you on Thursday. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Hugs and kisses.”
“As many of you know, our Tony David is an accomplished singer who is well known in the Denver area. While it seems like I have been singing Tony’s praises a lot lately, I thought you should know about a significant honor Tony received earlier this week. As broadcast in the local Denver media, Tony was chosen to sing prior to a McCain/Palin rally in Denver on Monday that Sarah Palin appeared at. In fact, Tony shared the stage with the Vice Presidential hopeful and sang Lee Greenwood’s signature song, God Bless the USA and many more songs for over 5000 spectators.

Whatever your political persuasion, we can all acknowledge what an honor it is to be on the podium for an event like this and perform for a crowd of this size. Congratulations, Tony. Keep making us at Mitel Proud to be associated with you!”

Jon Brinton, President Mitel Network Services
Tues., Nov. 15, 2011 — “Dear Tony, What can I say–thank you just is not enought–everyone just loves your music and the people at the Elk’s want you to play for them–they were dancing in the kitchen to your music—and thank you for saying that you would do this again next year–today we went and bought $750.00 worth of grocery cards worth $25.00 a piece and we will deliver them Wed to the National Guard contact person to give them to the needy families of the mean and women who are overseas—they can distribute them according to the need that they know the families have. We made about $3,100.00 to use for our charities–than you so much for helping us out and Thank You in advance for next year. Tell your wife and kids hello for me and we will be talking to you soon. Thanks again”
Elaine Alfonso (Arvada Elks Lodge)
“On behalf of the Dance Committee at the Lakewood Elks Lodge #1777, I wish to thank you for bringing out the crowd’ on Saturday night, November 14th, 2009. You did a great job in spite of the heavy snow fall. Those in attendance were extremely happy with the event. Not only did you and Pam get great reviews, but Gary Morris’ presence also was a ‘hit’. Another plus was the presence of other entertainers who came to listen and joined in on the stage. What a fun night!. . .” – Respectfully.
Sarah Broderick
“We really enjoy your music. You are so professional and enjoyable!”
“I am so excited about showing you off to my friends. You are awesome!”
Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your performance the first evening you were at Al’s Bistro. My friend Ann and I were there catching up, and ended up staying much longer since we enjoyed the wide range of vocal selections you performed. Glad to see you will be there again in October a few times. I think musicians ALWAYS appreciate hearing that all that practice paid off and the public enjoys. Thanks for your tune selection.
“The awesome thing about you, Tony, is that you always make every woman listening to your music feel special! The night of my Birthday that you held me while you sang “Phantom of the Opera” was so romantic and something I will not soon forget. Thank you for making me feel special. That doesn’t happen in my world very often.”
“What a great guy you are, dear Mr. Tony! Your singing and people laughing and enjoying the gift of your voice. What could be better?
“Hi Tony. I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how very much we all enjoyed your music last night They were all telling me in meetings today what a great time they had and that the highlight was the music! Thanks again for entertaining us.”
“It’s always a treat to see you perform, Tony. Your talents are amazing and you bring such a warmth and energy to the stage. You are one of the finest entertainers around and we look forward to seeing you perform again soon!”
“I just wanted to drop a note and thank you for headlining our Christmas party last Friday night. We heard so many wonderful things and as I mentioned you and Pam were such a compliment to the evening. We would like you and Pam to come back in 2011 for, we’re hoping, two nights. When you have time to talk to her and look at your schedule let me know your thoughts. I know you book quickly, so with that in mind, we would like to get on your schedule. Maybe we could book a night in the spring as well. Happy Holidays”
“I have never understood why you are still in Denver,when you have great talent and the whole package to go with the Talent. A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!”